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Post: Proven pair of congos for sale.

Posted by Autumn on 3/12/13

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    I am a small hobbie breeder, This pair of congo african
    greys are the only pair I have besides a pair of lovebirds
    and a pair of cockatiels. The african grey pair is proven
    for me and lays 3 times a year and 3 babies each time. I
    am selling them because I need the money for school I am
    located in Pennsylvania I can ship or meet within 20 miles
    from my house. I am located in Mahanoy City Pennsylvania.
    The pair is banded and in good feather, The male is 12
    years old and the female is 14 years old. Ive had this
    pair for 6 years. I am asking 1600 for this pair. I do
    have pictures upon request I couldnt upload photos on here
    it would let me the pictures were to big, Thanks for
    looking at my item for sale.

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