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Posted by Whitney Justice on 5/13/13

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    My name is Whitney Justice. I am 19 and a full-time college
    student. I am an animal lover but I can't own dogs at my
    apartment, so I am looking to buy a bird. I have initially
    been wanting an African Grey, but the more I research, the
    more I learn how many different species of birds there are.
    I love the idea of having a bird to talk and mimic and is
    an aspect I would love to have in my bird. The only thing
    that bothers me is the idea of having a bird bite me.
    African Greys have rather large beaks and seem to be
    strong. If they was to bite, they could take a chunk out.
    But I also know their behavior is determined on how it's
    raised and hopefully mine wouldn't be anything less that
    happy, friendly and loving. I travel home every weeken so
    my bord would be riding shotgun in its cage. I am also
    concerned about the bathroom usage of birds while they're
    out of their cage. I would like to invest in a bird that I
    could keep out of its cage a lot to enjoy its time around
    my apartment with me and my roommate who also shares the
    love for animals as I do. I would really like one of a
    unique, beautiful color. I live in southern West Virginia
    so bird breeders are few and far between. Where could I
    purchase one and I want to make sure it's legal in my
    state. Could you help me with my questions of put me in
    contact with someone who could? Thanks!

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