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    Post: Losing feathers Dry Skin?

    Bet Clift

    Posted on 8/10/14
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    I took my 23 year old Nanday parrot to the aviary vet for
    eather picking about four months ago. Finally got that under
    control....SO I THOUGHT! This pass week allof a sudden she
    has no feathers other them her wings and tail.
    I cannot afford to take her back to the vet every time she
    throws these fits, I have a friend who works with bird
    rescue. he suggested, that it may be from dry skin. She
    seems to be fine otherwise. And the fact that I was giving
    her vitimins and mite medication that she did not need!
    My question is this. I have window unit air conditioners,
    and my husband runs them full n\blast, I freeze. I am sure
    this has an effect on my bird also. Now my kitchen is
    separate from the rest of the house, no AC in there. And I
    do not use ant gas appliances, or arerosol sprays. So I was
    thinking of relocating my birds cage to the kitchen for the
    summer. What is your thoughts on that? The humidity in the
    kitchen is very high. I think it will help with her issues.

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