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PARROT CLUBS/MEETINGS: Michiana Elite Bird Fair Sponsored by Royal Wings Aviary

Posted by Pam Sysinger on 3/06/13

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    What: Michiana Elite Bird Fair

    When: March 23, 2013, 10-5

    Where: Bethel College, Weikamp Athletic Center, 1001 Bethel
    Circle, Mishawaka, IN 46545

    Admission: $4 Adults; Children under 10 free

    The Michiana Elite Bird Fair, also known as Michiana Bird
    Fair, is the largest bird fair in the Michiana area with
    over 30,000 square feet of displays, top-quality vendors, a
    wide variety of birds, bird-related products, and more. The
    Michiana Elite Bird Fair is hosted by Royal Wings Aviary and
    is an event that benefits the community as well as
    endangered bird species. This is an annual Michiana bird
    fair, so put us on your calendar for the third Saturday of
    every March. The location is Bethel College in Mishawaka, IN.

    100% of the proceeds go to the Potawatomi Zoo and endangered
    bird species. Children under 10 are admitted FREE. We offer
    FREE face painting for children. We work hard to make this
    a family friendly event.

    The Michiana Elite Bird Fair will feature two spectacular

    Dr. Peter Sakas, DVM, is a well-known avian
    veterinarian and speaker from the Niles Animal Hospital,
    Niles, IL, and author of Essentials of Avian Medicine and
    numerous other articles. He is very knowledgeable about
    exotic birds and is a very entertaining speaker. Dr. Sakas
    is available to answer not only avian questions but also
    questions about other pets.

    Dr. Ric Berlinski, DVM, is the veterinarian at the Toledo
    Zoo. Groups and Associations include AAZV, MENSA, and PADI.
    He is very knowledgeable about exotic birds. You will find
    his presentations not only informative but also entertaining.


    11:00 Household Hazards by Dr. Peter Sakas, DVM

    12:00 Australian Birds by Dr. Ric Berlinski, DVM

    2:00 How to Tell If Your Bird Is Sick by Dr. Peter Sakas, DVM

    3:00 Foraging and Enrichment in Pet Birds by Dr. Ric
    Berlinski, DVM

    Visitors at the Michiana Elite Bird Fair (Michiana Bird
    Fair) will be able to buy birds directly from quality
    breeders. Bird owners will be able to find all the products
    they need to care for and pamper their birds (and
    themselves). Bird food, cages, toys, and perches, jewelry,
    avian art, and much more will be available.

    There will be a silent auction at the Michiana Elite Bird
    Fair with items and certificates from quality restaurants
    and businesses, as well as bird products, bird toys, bird
    art, cages, and many signed sports memorabilia. You won’t
    want to miss this event!

    Directions to the Michiana Elite Bird Fair (Michiana Bird
    Fair) can be found by clicking “Bethel College” on our
    homepage at www.royalwingsaviary.com.

    Contact Information: Allan or Pam at (574) 273-1767 or
    [email protected] or go to
    www.royalwingsaviary.com or visit us at
    facebook.com/birdfairmichiana or

Michiana Elite Bird Fair

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