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PARROTS FOR SALE: Babies available

Posted by DAVID in Youngstown Ohio on 9/30/12

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    AVAILABLE Are the Following COCKATOO BABIES JUst weaned
    or weaning now,,.

    ROSEBREASTED steps up starting to talk !
    UMBRELLA BABY on 3 Feedings
    MEDIUM SULPHUR has been Sold
    CITRONS have been SOLD
    Goffin baby weaned and very sweet...

    REHOMING a super sweet Umbrella this bird lost her mommy
    who now is in a Nursing home in perfect feather...On a
    pelleted Diet and loves her veggies $900.!

    WE accept all major Credit Cards...Toll Free Phone is
    1 877 808 5472....

    Follow The link that I have provided below TO BIRDFARM
    Thank you

Cockatoo babies for sale

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