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PARROTS FOR SALE: Rare Yellow Dominant Camelot Macaw

Posted by Phoenix/ Peoria, AZ on 10/02/12

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    One of a kind hybrid macaw with amazing bright orange,
    yellow, red, green, blue colors. Yes, there are at least 3
    yellow tail feathers. 13 months old, hand fed and tame.
    Has had 2 well visits with avian only specialist, Dr Larry
    Nemetz in SoCal.
    Just don't have time to take care of this wonderful bird
    who loves to be out of her cage and constantly wants human
    affection. Comes with 2 Avian Adventures Grande Cages-
    ruby color (second is brand new in box) plus all toys,
    pellt food, Sandy Perch Taj Mahal Stand, outside hanging
    $4500 for everything. Will consider shipping to
    experienced handler. Please no trades. Additional photos
    available upon request.

    Serious inquiries only please

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