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PARROTS FOR SALE: A proven pair of african grey for adoption talk

Posted by Morgan on 10/10/12

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    If you have been looking for a sweet CAG or TAG, give us a
    call right away. We hand-feed and raise our babies in a
    loving and stress-free home environment. Call for an
    appointment today at 847-516-1004. The picture shown is so
    that you can see the difference between the Congo and
    Timneh. The Congo is on the right and the Timneh is on the left.

    Alison's Parrot Place is affiliated with the Nationwide
    Parrot Place Organization. We are a home-based business
    specializing in hand-raising baby parrots. We don't just
    sell birds, we sell companion parrots, and there is a
    difference. Please see my web site for all the FREE values
    you will receive when you purchase a bird from me.

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