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PARROTS FOR SALE: Blue Crown Conure

Posted by Charlie / Staunton, IL 62088 on 10/13/12

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    Charlie is a 6 year old Blue Crown Conure that we have had
    for two years. Has a great disposition, but is definitely
    a "one person" bird. He decides who is his partner. Has
    a great vocabulary and even a sense of humor. He is a
    little spoiled - has a sleeping cage, day perch with play
    top and a full play perch in front of a window overlooking
    horses, lake and vineyard and is almost never caged during
    the day. Learns tricks (if you have the time to work with
    him). Barks, tells coughers to "shut up", says "I'm
    sorry" when he screeches, meows, says "huh?", cat calls,
    says "Pretty bird" and a half dozen other things that
    sounds like something but we have never figured out.
    Our challenge is only our lifestyle has no time to give
    him the attention he deserves.
    Pictures available with email address or text 618-407-
    9273. He is $200 and his sleeping cage is included and
    his others are negotiable.

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