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PARROTS FOR SALE: Eclectuses: Vos female & Red Sided male

Posted by Miami on 11/14/12

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    11 yr old Vos female - Sandy. Perfect feathers and health.
    Not tame. She always was a breeder and produced 4-5
    clutches with 2-3 eggs a year. She sits and feeds.
    Excellent mother. Her mate died of tumor a few month ago
    and I canít find a new one quality breeder for her. She is
    sitting on unfertilled eggs now. She is a real moneymaker.
    $850 only!
    8 yr old Red Sided male Emerald. The best pet! Absolutely
    tame, not a neurotic, goes to everybody, talks and learns
    very fast. Not a screamer at all. Good appetite. Likes to
    watch TV. I tried to match him with female, but he
    refuses to be a breeder. He wants to be a pet. Very big,
    perfect condition. $850.
    Located North Miami Beach, Florida. Email, call or txt:
    786-397-4153. Please don't call after 9 pm.

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