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PARROTS FOR SALE: Proven pairs and tamed parrots

Posted by Sergio/Palm beach Gardens on 11/25/12

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    Tamed rosebreasted cockatoo $1000
    Tamed greenwing macaw $1000
    Male Golden conure $1500
    Proven pair of goffin cockatoos $600
    Tamed Magna double yellow amazon talks and sings $800
    Female Hyacinth plucked chest $5900
    Tamed female hyacinth huge bird perfect all around $8500
    Provne pair of Hyacinth Macaws $15900
    Proven pair of African grey congo camaroon $1500
    Weaned Golden Conure tamed $1900 Florida only
    proven pair of blue and gold Macaw breeders $800
    Proven pair of Scarlet Macaw $1499
    2 proven pairs of sun conures red factors $350 a pair
    Sergio (786)326-7698


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