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PARROTS FOR SALE: Extremely Rare, Hybrid High Yellow Macaw, Baby Male

Posted by Linda Rizzo on 11/27/12

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    Hybrid, Extremely Rare, High Yellow, Macaw. He is a cross
    between a Camelot Macaw and a Flame Macaw. 4 month old baby
    boy. He is $4,500. He is Very Rare because he is such a High
    Dominant Yellow! He takes 2 syringe feedings a day, and is
    eating nuts, fruits and veggies on his own. Will be totally
    weaned soon. I have also done a video demonstrating how to
    syringe feed, which is on my site, on the Babies page. Not a
    screamer, is trying to mimic sounds, and is very vocal in a
    pleasant way. He is big boy and steps up already. I believe
    we are doing a good job socializing him and because of this
    he is an exceptionally affectionate, baby boy. I am located
    in New York. I can safely ship anywhere in the United States
    or you are more than welcome to come to our aviary on Long
    Island. I can also send more pics, just ask. Please call me
    direct, I do not get a chance to check emails often.

Extremely Rare, Hybrid High Yellow Macaw, Baby Male

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