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PARROTS FOR SALE: Red Bellies, Meyers, Senegals

Posted by Joe - Dayton, OH on 11/28/12

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    Red Bellies (S/S)
    Female is banded with the year. The band is either 05`, 06`,
    or 07`. The male is not banded but is unrelated and of the
    same age. Both birds were checked on 10/15/12 by Dr. Scott
    McDonald. Both are healthy and viable. Proven for previous.
    I am selling out all my poi's as I am not willing to have a
    separate room for them away from my conures.
    $550 for the pair (FIRM)

    Domestic pair, one is close banded with no year. Proven for
    previous (last clutch was this spring).
    $450 for the pair

    Spare male. S/S & Tattoed and checked by Dr. Scott on
    10/15/12. He is healthy and viable. I do have a female he is
    proven with for previous. She was also checked by Dr. Scott
    but it is possible she is no longer able to breed.
    Asking $200 for just the male or $275 if you also want the hen.

    $50 off for purchase of 2 pairs or $100 off if all 3 pairs
    are purchased.

    Shipping is available via Delta at buyers expense.

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