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PARROTS FOR SALE: White caped Pionus (Trade0

Posted by WI on 12/04/12

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    I have a beautiful and tame to MEN white caped pionus.
    Fully feathered, and in good health. She is about 5 years
    old. I got her thinking and was told she would like woman
    but to my disappointment she only likes my husband and he
    is not a huge bird lover. She is in perfect feathers and
    health.She will come with the cage i got for her and left
    over food. I"m looking to trade for other parrot
    species ,that likes woman or both. Looking for a Goffin
    or ?

    Also would be interested in a pair. Please email me only
    if you are truly interested . Please be truthful about
    your bird , don't like to get disappointed again. Thank

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