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PARROTS FOR SALE: Large Proven Military Macaw Pair

Posted by N.W.Ohio, South of Toledo, shipping. on 12/04/12

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    Great Pair for someone wanting to start out with a good
    pair of macaws.Militarys are beautiful birds..
    Proven for org owner pair of Military macaws 10yrs old and
    pertty good feathers. Do sit good and was told feed good up
    to two wks. Have laid clear clutch and did sit good.
    Can be noisy at times...Male feeds the hen..they are not
    tame but do talk.
    S/sexed..$ obo....On a good diet and well cared

    I am cutting back on big pairs.Would sell or trade for an
    adult pair of Small Hahns Macaws.Prof of sexes.

    No cage included.
    Must pick up here, no shipping
    Thanks for looking:o)

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