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PARROTS FOR SALE: Military Macaw

Posted by Bubba on 12/05/12

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    Bubba is very loving to all woman, not fond of any males
    at all. he is 6 years old, talks alot, and screams when he
    soesnt get his way (which is alot). likes to roam the
    house freely he gets along with dogs (as long as he can
    get into their food dish). Bubba laughs alot likes to sing
    and dance, and hangout n the kitchen and snack when you
    cook.i you are the right person for Bubba he will choose
    you on his own, thats how I became his owner a few years
    ago, I was visiting a friend and he climbed on my lap and
    stayed there until i got home with him....if interested in
    Bubba call (618)214-9082

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