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PARROTS FOR SALE: Super Sweet Black Palm Cockatoo

Posted by Colorado on 12/14/12

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    Unfortunately we have to sell our beautiful, sweet black
    palm cockatoo. She is a beautiful and very rare Arterrimus
    Black Palm Cockatoo. She talks, is gentle and sweet to
    everyone, and has never bitten anyone. All of our children,
    even our three-year-old, has handled her and she has always
    been so gentle and kind. I would like to say she is
    perfect, because her personality is, but she has a few
    flaws since she was hatched seven years ago. Squeaky was
    born with a heart murmur and, when she was a baby and being
    examined she woke up during her x-rays and broke her wing
    as well. Because of this, she cannot fly. However, none of
    these imperfections have slowed her down one bit! She has
    been extensively vet checked and has a clean bill of
    health. I have all vet records on her and would love to see
    her go to a good home to someone who will give her all the
    love and attention that she deserves. We are asking $5,900
    for her. Please call 813-230-4690 or email Heather for more

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