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PARROTS FOR SALE: Moluccan Cockatoo 3 yrs old Male. For PET ONLY!

Posted by Elena on 12/16/12

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    The biggest and the pinkest one you have ever seen! 3 yrs
    old Male, extremely tame,just a pink Teddy Bear! He talks
    very good for a Too,dances like a pro, and is not a screamer
    at all.He was raised and trained by the professional AAT
    (Animal Assisted Therapy) specialist to be a companion Pet
    Bird for disable person,and he served the purpose
    perfectly..Now we are looking for new Pet or Companion home
    for him.. It could be a best Christmas present ever! You can
    call 757 233 4909, and we could go on Skype if you would
    like to see more of him..

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