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PARROTS FOR SALE: young weaned birds

Posted by Hughes on 12/30/12

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    Moving and want to give out complete stock. Available are
    some good quality baby pairs ,ready for good homes. They are
    priced to go. shipping via Delta Pets First to an airport
    near you. check our list and let us know your interest for
    more info and pics;
    - yellow napped amazons.
    - blue fronted amazons.
    - orange winged amazons.
    - rose breasted cockatoos.
    - umbrella cockatoos.
    - moluccans.
    - blue & gold macaws.
    - scarlet macaws.
    - red sided eclectus and s.i. eclectus.
    - newly hatched hyacinths( you may put your name on waiting
    list when they go weaned).
    Happy sweet hand fed birds, even tempered entertainers.Good
    choice for a family or individual. They sing, whistles and
    speaks words and sentences in both English and Spanish.
    These selection are known for their intelligence and talking
    ability. i take cash only payment, no time wasters please!!!!!

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