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PARROTS FOR SALE: Lutino Quakers & DEY Quakers

Posted by Dale Dillard / Troutville, VA on 1/06/13

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    3 pair of Lutino Quakers (pair made of one Visual Lutino
    and one Visual Green Split Lutino) that are 3-4 months old,
    $1200 per pair. 3 breeding age (2-3 years old) pairs, $1400
    per pair. 3 pair of Dark Eyed Yellow Quakers (pair made of
    one Visual DEY and one Green Pallid Split DE) $1250 per
    pair. In each pair there is one bird definite Split Blue
    and one bird possible Split Blue. So you could possibly get
    DE White. Also one pair male Blue Pallid Split DE and hen
    is Green Pallid Split DE and also Split Blue, so you
    definitely can get DE Whites from this pair. $1200. We ship
    Delta Airlines only but you are welcome to come by and pick
    up at our farm near Roanoke, VA. Email me private at

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