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PARROTS FOR SALE: Increase your Bird Business

Posted by DAVID in Youngstiown,Ohio on 1/08/13

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    Looking to Increase your Business...Now You can
    advertise on Birdfarms website....We will build a banner
    with your store name and phone or link to your webs site...

    Monthly Fee with annual Contract...$195 per month, 2
    year Contract $175 a month, 3 year Contract $150 a month~

    To get started all you need to do is call us with infor
    mation and a valid Credit card you monthly fees will be
    billed each month automatically.....

    Just sit back and enjoy the phone calls from birdfarm..I
    cannot handle all the business myself ...So im affording
    you an opportunity to reap some benifits....
    Call Me toll free at 1 877 808 5472 Refer to Banner ad
    when you call us.....Thank you

Birds for sale At Birdfarm ohio

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