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PARROTS FOR SALE: Illiger Macaws - Proven Pair

Posted by Charleston, SC on 1/14/13

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    Female was hatched in 2006; male was hatched 2003; they were
    paired in August 2007 and started producing fertile eggs in
    December, 2008. The first time, they reared 2 chicks to
    fledging. After that, they started damaging eggs and I
    started artificially incubating all eggs. I've raised more
    than 2 dozen chicks off of them from 12/08 through 05/11.
    In July, 2011 I moved them to a friends aviary in FL on
    breeder loan. He raised several chicks off of them and then
    they slowed down for a break but he says they are working
    the box again. They are in good feather and are on a good diet.

    $1600 plus any shipping/delivery costs. They are worth this
    given the amount of fertile eggs they have produced and I
    can provide documentation from my written records.

    They are presently in FL west of Orlando. Can be picked up
    there or can be shipped Delta/Continental.

    Please email for more information.

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