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PARROTS FOR SALE: Lineolated Parakeet Reduction Sale

Posted by Rainbow_Exotic_Birdz New York 12601 on 1/21/13

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    Several BREEDER Lineolated Parakeets Available At This
    Time. They Are NOT Tame. Pairs & Singles. Pair One Olive
    Split Blue Male & A Turquoise Female $140.00 Poor
    Condition & Quality But Produce Beautiful Dark Green Split
    Blue & Cobalt Babies; 2008 Birds. Pair Two Cobalt Split
    Ino & Creamino Female; Excellent Parents/Breeders; Always
    Get Creamino & Turquoise Babies; $200.00; 2009 Birds. One
    Single UNSEXED Cobalt; $80.00; 2010 Bird. NO SHIPPING!! NO
    MEETING!! All Prices Are FIRM And Will Not Be Reduced;
    Even If Multiple Birds Are Purchased. A Small NON-
    REFUNDABLE Deposit Is Required On ANY Purchase. US POSTAL
    MONEY ORDER and PAYPAL Plus 3% Fee Accepted For Deposit
    ONLY; CASH Due When You Pick Them Up. Weekends Only.
    Located in Dutchess County-12601.

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