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PARROTS FOR SALE: Super Sweet Scarlet Baby, last one!!!Free Shipping!!!

Posted by ohio 43107 on 2/02/13

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    We have one very sweet Scarlet Macaw baby left. This baby
    hatched on Oct 13th and is weaned and ready for his new
    home. He is handled constantly by adults and children. He
    has been raised in our very busy home and are exposed to
    other animals, lots of kids and noise. He is super
    friendly, love to be held and cuddled and will stay on your
    arm and be carried around all day if you let him. He is
    already trying to talk as well. He is weaned to a diet of
    soak seed, dry seed/pellet mix, fresh fruits and veggies
    and often get a little of what we are eating as well. Our
    Blue and Gold got to close and bit the baby, poking a hole
    in the side of the beak. The hole is cosmetic only and does
    not affect the baby at all, it did not go through the beak
    into his mouth it is just on the surface but because of
    this we have reduced the baby to $1395. Shipping available
    through delta or continental and included in price. Paypal

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