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PARROTS FOR SALE: Breeders for Sale

Posted by NJ on 2/04/13

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    Cutting down on the amount of larger birds in the aviary.
    All prices are negotiable. Better price for multiple pairs
    bought. Pick up or shipping with Cont/United available.
    Birds are not tame and will bite. Not pets. Fully flighted.
    All in good health and feather. No ridiculously low offers
    please... #1 Peach Front Conures $300 (laid clear clutches
    the past 2 seasons. Not proven for me. 6 y/o. No DNA
    papers. Bought as adults from another breeder. Female
    plucks her brood patch) #2 Halfmoon Conures NOW on EGGS -
    NOT FOR SALE #3 Green Cheek Conures $175 (5 y/o. Not DNA'd.
    Never set up. Bought as a bonded pair of birds, not a
    breeding pair. Normal and a Cinnamon) #4 Blue Headed Pionus
    $675 (10 y/o. Proven for previous but not for me. No DNA
    papers) #5 single Panama Amazon $650 (DNA'd male. Raised up
    as a baby. Just turned 2 y/o. Talks and sings. Semi tame)
    #6 DYH Amazons $1200 (11 y/o. Not proven by me. No DNA
    papers. Bought as a pair from another breeder. Male is a
    magna. Were in the box last season but did not lay) #7
    Lilac Crown Amazons $1400 (both raised up as babies. DNA
    papers on both. Coming up on 4 y/o)

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