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PARROTS FOR SALE: RUBALINA MACAW, for breeder or pet, has laid

Posted by PREMIUM PARROTS - near Chicago on 2/05/13

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    Hi, well it looks like I've found most all of my birds
    homes. All that is left that I need to sell is this last
    single macaw and 1 pair of breeding Hyacinth Macaws. She
    was hatched in my aviary and I know
    everything about her.

    One Rubalina Macaw female aprox 8 years old max., this was
    one of my babies. She was sold as a pet but ended up
    coming back to me a few years ago. She has just started
    laying eggs so she can be a breeder or a pet. To be a pet
    she would need some work. She has quite the personality.
    Shes in great shape. I have her DNA papers and she is
    close banded. I know her hatch date and she can talk.

    The Rubalina macaws are very rare, I know of about 12 that
    have ever been produced. I produced all but 2. I was the
    first to breed them and give them the name Rubalina. With
    the genes this bird has I would highly suggest that she be
    bred with any male blue and gold macaw. Her parents had
    good yellow and breeding this Rubalina back to a blue and
    gold would give you babies that surely will be colorfull
    and you never know where the yellow will show up being
    bred with a blue and gold. Yea, its an experiment and I've
    put years into getting a Rubalina old enough to breed. I
    can't continue because of my health so I am willing to let
    her go to someone that will breed her with the proper
    male. Blue and gold males are a dime a dozen right now. If
    you are a parrot breeder it is well worth the cage space
    to put them together to see what you get. When she does
    produce live babies they will certainly be the only macaw
    of its kind in existance. Then you will have to figure out
    and put a name to this new macaw species.

    If you are interested in buying this parrot or have any
    CONTACT ME. I will be glad to call you. For security and
    other reasons I only give out information over the phone
    or in person. I'd love to chat with you.

    PARROTS TO OTHER COUNTRIES. Please don't ask.

    Please contact me at
    [email protected]

    Please visit my website at

    You may find photos of some of the beautifull macaws I've
    produced at facebook premiumparrots page.

    I specialize in and only breed the Hyacinths Macaws now.
    All babies are family raised in our closed home-aviary to
    insure, sweet, healthy, lifelong companions. Health
    guaranteed and plenty of references. I will ship.

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