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PARROTS FOR SALE: Illiger Macaw Babies - Handfed ***RARE***

Posted by Joe / Dayton, OH on 2/05/13

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    I have some handfed baby Illiger Macaws. Illigers are a mini
    macaw and are about 16" (which includes a long tail). They
    are known to be one of the quietest macaws.

    Illigers are pretty rare and have endearing personalities.
    Illigers are also noted to be good talkers. They also like
    to fly so the larger the cage the better or time outside the
    cage every day.

    These babies are super sweet and love to be cuddled. I love
    them so much I am keeping one for myself.

    $1,095 weaned which includes DNA sexing

    A $300 deposit will hold until weaned (they should be weaned
    in 2-4 weeks).


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