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PARROTS FOR SALE: L:ast parrots for sale in NC , pairs and single

Posted by Raleigh, NC on 2/26/13

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    We are planning to move out of state in the next few months,
    therefore all the birds are for sale. I had sold 2/3 by
    October, but we postponed our move.

    What is for sale is:

    - 3 single amazons , 1 Double Head and 2 Blue Front: $400
    each. Those are mature birds, and the price include their cage.

    - Proven pairs of greys and eclectus: $800/pair including
    breeding cage and box if you come and pick-up.

    - 2 pairs of macaws proven and good breeders: $1000/each
    (Blue&Gold pair and one Greenwing male with female Blue&Gold
    who have produced multiple Harlequin babies.

    - Extra cages for sales, californian and breeding cages.

    Serious inquiries only.
    Can ship at owner's expense.
    Can only take and email pics on the week-end , but have few
    taken last Summer.

    Call Frank at 919-868-8413 or email

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