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PARROTS FOR SALE: African Grey Parrots

Posted by Albert Kane,Cameroon. on 3/09/13

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    The African Grey is a medium sized parrot, mostly grey, as
    the name indicates, except for the short scarlet tail and a
    whiter region around the eye. The eyes are yellow in adult
    birds and dark in youngsters. Visually sexing the birds is
    almost impossible and for breeding purposes are advisable
    DNA tests
    African Grey Parrots are very intelligent, sensitive, loving
    creatures known for their ability to mimic speech. They hold
    the title of best mimics, although their shy temperament is
    not much given to exhibition. The only rivals in this matter
    are the Mynahs, which are not as cautious with strangers.
    They tend to bond with one person. Due to their long
    lifespan, 50 years or more if well nurtured, this is a life
    companion pet.

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