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PARROTS FOR SALE: shamrock/scarlet macaw breeding pair

Posted by buffalo on 3/11/13

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    shamrock/scarlet macaw breeding pair dna sexed bought this
    pair on 11/03/12 laid a clutch on 1/09/13 of 3 eggs they
    were clear thinking it might of been because i just got
    them she is working the nest box again and went to sell
    them before they lay again they are upsetting my other
    pair of macaws i dont have another room to but them in
    $1400 this will include shipping and grate within 1 hour
    from my home i am located in buffalo ny feel free to pm
    message me if you would like more info they are on a
    pellet diet with fresh fruits and veggies and given seed
    with nuts once a week

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