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PARROTS FOR SALE: Proven Senegal Parrot Pair

Posted by Crestview, FL on 3/16/13

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    Pair of proven Senegal Parrots; male is named Archie,
    female is Edith. This pair has produced multiple clutches
    for me; usually at least one clutch per year. They are good
    parents and have raised chicks until I pulled for hand
    rearing after a couple of weeks. I do not know the age of
    this pair. They do pluck each other, mostly around the head
    and neck (you can see pics on te ebay classifieds link).
    They enjoy a diet of pellet, fresh fruits and veggies, and
    a little seed. I can ship if weather permits, at buyer's
    expense. I will consider other reasonable offers. No trades
    please, as I am getting out of the business. For family
    reasons, the couple of pairs I have must go. If you have
    any questions, please feel free to email, text or call me.
    (Phone calls cannot always be answered. PLEASE leave a
    message or your call will not be returned.) I am located in
    the FL panhandle near Pensacola.

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