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Posted by Minnesota on 3/16/13

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    Some of these birds are spairs that I have gotten over
    time. Some are proven, others are not. None of the genders
    are known on these birds, as I don't have DNA paperowrk on
    any. I am willing to DNA test them for $20.

    There are (5) Blue and Golds and (1) Greenwing Macaw.

    The greenwing is believed to be male. He is domestically
    raised in the United States. He is in perfect feather and
    is HUGE. Could be pet quality with a lot of work. $600.

    (2) Blue and Gold Macaws are currently paired together. I
    bought them out of pitty, as they were housed in a poor
    cage and being fed horrible food. One is domestically
    raised and banded, the other is an import. They are both
    moderately plucked, but the import has started getting
    feathers all over her/his chest once we got her home and
    on pellets. I believe she could easily feather out on her
    chest. The picture quality is poor due to taking pictures
    at night time, but you can vaguely see her new feathering.
    $300 each.

    (1) Single Blue and Gold Macaw. He is pet quality. He has
    a vocabulary of around 40 different words and phrases. He
    DOES need work to be a pet though. He bonds very strongly
    to one person and that is his mate. He will feed you and
    love up on you like he is a cat! He is in perfect feather
    and is featured on one of the pictures. He is $600.

    (2) Blue and Gold Macaws. They are around 8 and 10 years
    old. They are both domestically raised birds. One is in
    perfect feather and the other has a bit of feathers
    missing on his chest. Both are HUGE birds. They can talk,
    but I haven't seen them wanting to be pets. One does show
    interest in stepping up occassionaly. They are paired up
    currently but I do not believe they are a "perfect match"
    for eachother. $500 each.

    I am willing to ship (weather permitting) through Delta
    Airlines which runs $160. Carrier is included.

    Call, text or email for more information (701)-212-9733

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