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PARROTS FOR SALE: Need to Rehome Adult Parrots

Posted by Lansing, MI on 3/20/13

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    I need to rehome several adult parrots.

    I have 1 pair of SI Eclectus, 1 Vos male, 1 Blackheaded
    Caique DNA tattoo male, 1 Quaker Sex unknown, 1 Scarlet
    Macaw Dna Male

    Most are pet quality with some work. Macaw is a plucker
    large vocab, sweet but will need to get know you before he
    feels comfortable with you. He is not a screamer but does
    like to tell our dogs to shut up when they bark. SI hen is
    an egg layer not proven pair, however she is special needs,
    both pet quality pair, must go as pair. Hen has splayed leg
    but does not hamper her ability to perch or get around.
    Pair is fully feathered. Caique is very sweet boy.
    Unfortunately I don't have the time to spend with them as I
    used to. I want them to have good homes with someone who
    has time for them. Please don't write me if you are just
    looking for cheap birds, I am in no hurry to have them
    leave, I prefer a good a home vs a huge adoption fee.

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