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PARROTS FOR SALE: Rare Young Singing Shama Pair

Posted by Louisville, Ky. on 3/25/13

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    I have one pair of Shama that were hatched in August 2012.
    Pictured is the beautiful female. They are an unrelated
    pair from original San Diego Zoo stock. The male has an
    incredible voice and the pair live together peacefully.
    They should be able to be bred later this Spring. Mine feed
    on gutloaded crickets, dubia, superworms, mealworms,
    silkworms and softened dog chow. They are in perfect health
    and condition. I am able to ship via Delta Pet First or
    Continental. Home pick-up in Louisville Ky. is also
    welcome. Call us at 502-819-5386 for more information on
    this great pair! Asking $1250.00 for the pair plus
    shipping/crate fees if shipping is needed.

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