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PARROTS FOR SALE: Yellow Nape Amazon - performing bird

Posted by VA on 3/31/13

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    excellent performing bird! She is a star! Sings,counts,
    plays games ,answers questions - you name it! talks very
    clear,loughs loud!She is 13 yrs old,in perfect feathers on
    healthy diet. I am looking for someone who do shows,parties
    or any kind of AAA (Animal Assisted Activities) or AAT
    (Animal Assisted Therapy) , or just big active family with a
    lot of friends visiting ,as I do not do it anymore ( no time
    due to new job) and she gets bored and depressed.. She will
    not doing good with "bird collectors" - she loves to be The
    One,The Only! You can call and listen her talking over
    phone,or we can go Skype. 757 223 4909.

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