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PARROTS FOR SALE: rosebreasted cockatoo pair, pineapple gc-email included

Posted by maine on 4/03/13

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    proven pair of rosebreasted cockatoos, sit and feed, fully
    feathered. selling due to my health. down to the last of
    the birds. $2000 includes shipping. dna sexing paperwork.
    pineapple greencheeks- 4 birds, appear to be many females.
    I had them set up with nestboxes and got large clutches of
    infertile eggs, i suspect these are all hens. I do not plan
    to dna sex any birds, they are not tame but I will
    guarantee that each "pair" has at least 1 hen. that's as
    far as I can go. very vibrant colors, $500/"set of 2 birds"
    located in maine, better deal if you pick up.

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