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PARROTS FOR SALE: ISO; Mini Macaw for companion pet - Ohio/Michigan/Indiana

Posted by NW Ohio - willing to meet resonable distance!! on 4/04/13

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    Im looking to adopt one of the mini macaws. Such as a
    severe, yellow collar or the red fronted -- I love them
    all, have experiance of over 20 years with parrots in
    general. I have fostered these species & would love to add
    one to my home as a forever companion!

    Willing to pay resonable adoption fee - have my supplys to
    meet there needs including 3 cages (indoor, outdoor &
    sleep cage) also a parrot carrier, foraging & play stand -
    also a parrot tree. I am a loving parrot owner whos
    obsessed with cooking for my companion along with having
    all sorts of awesome toys from shreading to enrichment to

    I can give a personal referance of a woman whom gave me
    her Timneh African grey (the only parrot I have at this
    time) I am also thinking my avian vet will give me a
    referance to how I have kept my past parrots - along with
    other parrots Ive fostered or just bird sat.

    I am not looking for more then 1 more companion (2 parrots
    is my max limit) I do not have human children, allergys,
    ect. I own my own home - so as long as your honest about
    your parrots personality pros & cons I can offer a very
    lasting home for your pet.

    Please contact me at gmail - ohio.parrot

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