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PARROTS FOR SALE: Bonded Pair of Mexican Red Head Amazons

Posted by Adrian San Antonio, TX on 4/15/13

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    I have a bonded pair of Mexican Red Head Amazon Parrots
    for sale. They are around 5 years old. I just got them
    about 6 months ago from a breeder who told me that they
    are a proven breeding pair. I have never breeded birds
    before and did not realize that they will not bond with
    people once they have bonded to eachother. The only reason
    I am selling them is because I already have an African
    Grey and an Eclectus and four is just way too much for me
    to handle. They are not hand tamed however if they fly off
    their cage they will easily let you pick them up without
    biting you and let you carry them back to thier cage. They
    have not been DNA sexed. I am including thier nesting box
    and large cage in the asking price of $1000. Please let me
    know if you have any furhter questions.

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