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PARROTS FOR SALE: Macaw Lover Wanted

Posted by Donnie/ Bronx - Yonkers on 4/22/13

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    I have 2 Macaws which I can no longer give sufficient care
    to. I recently was diagnosed with Sinusitis. Their names
    are Allie and Skittles and they come with their large cage,
    a bird carrier for each, 50 lbs of food, and their toys.
    Both birds are only 8 years young. They live up to 60

    Allie is a female and has a bracelet. She is a typical
    loving Blue and Gold Macaw. She loves attention and very
    playful. She's notorious for going on your shoulder if you
    walk close enough by their cage. Her vocabulary includes:
    Hello, What's up, what's the matter, Meows like a cat,
    Laughs out loud, etc.

    Skittles, I believe is a male bird and also has a bracelet.
    He is a Camelot Macaw. (2nd generation hybrid cross between
    a Scarlet Macaw and a Catalina Macaw). He has become a
    little snippy since I have stopped giving him attention due
    to my allergies. He becomes very playful when he starts
    receiving daily attention. His vocabulary includes:
    "Hello", "Hi", "Shut up", and he mimics laughter. He takes
    a daily prescription.

    These amazing birds need someone with Macaw experience.
    They can be very intimidating with their large beaks and
    'rough" play. They are not suitable for small children. If
    you're serious about having a long term commitment with my
    2 babies, Call me at (914) 497-7000. You can have them with
    all their accessories for just $1999 (adoption fee). No
    Lowballers and NO shipping.

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