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PARROTS FOR SALE: Male Congo African Grey

Posted by Tammy Austin TX on 5/17/13

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    Pet or breeding quality. I had him paired twice with the
    same hen, the first time he immediately went after her and
    pulled out a few of her tail feathers so I separated them.
    Next time they lived together relatively peacefully for a
    few months and he was even working the nestbox, then one
    day she went after him and took a chunk out of his beak,
    which bled and has since healed. He is over 20 years old.
    As a baby with his previous owners they clipped his wings
    too much and he busted his keel a few times and had to be
    stitched up. He has no flight feathers on one of his wings
    so he will never fly though he is otherwise in perfect
    feather. He is handtame but can be a jerk. He doesn't talk.
    $300 Will ship at buyer's expense.

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