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PARROTS FOR SALE: Out of Nest Babies/Unweaned (Many species)

Posted by Joe - Dayton, OH on 6/09/13

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    African Grey
    1 Timneh (2 1/2 weeks) $675

    1 Umbrella (8 weeks) $775

    Green Cheeks (4 available, 2-3 weeks old)
    Normal $80 ea
    Cinnamon $90 ea
    1 may be a yellowside which would be $100

    Parrotlets (offering them cheaper than they will normally be)
    2 Green $25 ea (parents plucked them but dont worry will
    grow back in before they wean)
    1 Blue $50

    Cockatiels (4 are available now, most cant tell colors yet)
    2 albinos $45 ea (4 weeks old)
    1 Normal $25 ea
    1 Mutation (it is looking to be a pearl) $30 ea

    1st preference goes to person will to take all (or the

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