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PARROTS FOR SALE: Pair of Hyacinth Macaw Parrots

Posted by Juana on 6/10/13

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    CONTACT US BY EMAIL: [email protected]

    Hand-reared Hyacinth Macaw baby (weaned) parrots available
    now. We are happy to help with any questions or concerns you
    may have prior to purchasing, I have many years experience
    with Hyacinth Macaw parrots. Should you decide a Hyacinth
    Macaw is for you, we guarantee you will not find more cuddly
    and tame babies anywhere. We put allot of time and effort
    into our babies fed on plenty of fruit and veg we have
    plenty of previous references and happy owners.
    All our babies are hand reared from 3 weeks on and are
    handled everyday by me, my wife and the kids.They are well
    socialized used to all house hold noises, hoovers xbox’s,
    busy kids etc .They are all close banded.
    Totally steady-silly cuddly tame.The babies will be sold
    with a hatch certificate and how to care and diet
    information pack and advise on how to care for the your baby
    and 24hr advise and help.
    viewing babies is essential with prior arrangement.
    We We ship to any where in the world .

    CONTACT US BY EMAIL: [email protected]

    NB: Also have adult parrots for sale from 1 to 25 years who
    are already talking very well .

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