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PARROTS FOR SALE: Parent reared Illiger Macaws

Posted by Heaven On Earth Avian Acre on 7/04/13

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    Lower price for serious Avianitarians for this species of
    the Illiger Macaws. The offspring have been incubated,
    hatched, reared and fledged by the parents.

    dprice knocked down to $900 ea.

    Crimson Bellied Conures .... parent reared and still with
    parents... $425 Ea. UNSEXED ALL OFFSPRING.

    Egg laying female Greenwing price is $775.00. lower abs
    messed up feathering due to sitting tight on her eggs.

    Blue headed Macaws DNA MALES at $9,000.00 ea.

    Serious inquiries please call 561.594.7007

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