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PARROTS FOR SALE: Baby Yellow Naped Amazon

Posted by Findlay Ohio on 7/04/13

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    I am just getting ready to pull my babies. They are loved
    and handled by both male and female. They are raised around
    a family environment. I have raised several different kinds
    of babies over the years and they have all grown up to be
    loving parts of a family. I want my babies to go to a good
    home who know about parrot care and will make them a family
    member. If you are interested please contact me. Price will
    depend on the age of the bird at the time you receive it. I
    do require a deposit to hold it. If you decide you want to
    make payments until it is ready to go that is ok. You will
    receive paperwork that in the event something would go
    wrong you will receive all your money back. I have been
    breeding for 25 years. I am just a small breeder, but I can
    give you references. The last baby I sold my doctor
    purchased. Yellow Naped Amazons are one of the very best
    talkers and since they are talked to and babies from the
    beginning they almost think they are people. If interested
    please contact me. Brenda

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