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PARROTS FOR SALE: Blue and Gold Macaw babies! (Shipping/payments available)

Posted by Wings and Things / Arizona on 7/05/13

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    Our birds are professionally bred, and lovingly raised.

    This is where experience matters! Our babies are well fed,

    loved and trained to many basic commands such as "step up"

    and give "easy kisses" so when you get them home you have

    NO problems getting them out of the cage and handling them!

    Each baby comes with a hatch certificate, HEALTH GUARANTEE,

    care sheets, basic command instructions and ongoing support!

    Current babies available;

    Green Wing Macaws. These are the "Cadillac" of Macaws.

    Larger, very gentle, loving companions with great talking

    ability. This species is known for being sweet and easy to

    handle. Currently we have three babies available! $1,999.

    Blue and Gold Macaws. Simply beautiful! This species is

    known for being gregarious toward the entire family.

    Dramatic clowns at times, they love to play and have good

    talking ability. Currently, we have one baby left! $1,699.

    Quakers. We offer green and blue babies. These are hand

    fed, sweet tame babies! Smaller in size, this species is

    known for it's durability and great talking ability. $299.

    for the Green species, $499.

    **** Babies may be reserved with a deposit, pics upon

    request, weekly updates available!


    For more information please contact us at 623 258-8890 or e-

    mail us at

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