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PARROTS FOR SALE: Blue and Gold Macaw

Posted by Amy / near Tacoma, WA on 8/03/13

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    My Blue and Gold Macaw needs a new home. My medical issues
    have increased in severity and she is just not handling it
    well. I need more time to rest and she really wants me to
    spend all that time with her. So, before she starts
    developing bad behaviors I have decided that it would be
    best to find her a new home. She is definitely a female,
    fully feathered, in excellent health (recent blood work has
    been done and paper work will come with her), eats a wide
    variety of fruits and veggies, eats Zupreem Fruit blend
    pellets, minimal nuts (only almonds and peanuts and those
    are only used to help get her to like someone) loves to eat
    dinner with you, and does seem to prefer women to men. She
    is not used to children, but has been around dogs. Also, she
    is not used to being around other birds, so she would
    probably do best being an only bird. She will come with her
    huge cage and toys, carrier, harness, and everything else I
    have for her for $1200.

    I am not in a hurry to rehome her, so I will be very picky
    about who she goes to. I want to know about you, your home,
    your large bird experience, etc. I will also expect you to
    sign a contract saying that if it doesn't work out that she
    will go back to me. I would prefer that you are within 50
    miles of me so that I can bring her to you. I want to be
    able to see where she will be and how you and she interact.
    I also want to do an initial meeting first, see how she
    does, and then place her at a following date. NO SHIPPING!

    If you are interested, have questions, and want to see a
    picture please send me an email.

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