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PARROTS FOR SALE: weaned parrot chicks.

Posted by Francine, PA on 8/30/13

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    We have absolutely gorgeous and healthy parrot chicks which
    we want to downsize as we are moving. They are just weaned
    and perfect feathered. will come with dna and health
    guarantees. a A deposit will hold the babies until you are
    ready to welcome them.

    -) Red Tail African Greys.
    -) Yellow Napped Amazons.
    -) Blue Front Amazons.
    -) Umbrella Cockatoos.
    -) Moluccan Cockatoos.
    -) Sulfur Crested Cockatoos.
    -) Military Macaws.
    -) Blue & Gold Macaws.
    -) Scarlet Macaws.
    -) Red Sided Eclectus.
    -) Solomon's Island Eclectus.
    -) Greater Hill Mynahs.

    They are 2-4 months old, priced to go and i offer very quick
    delivery to your door if necessary. we also give lifetime
    support on how to raise these feathered
    friends. they are learning to speak, these parrots are very
    lovely, friendly, sociable and are great fun to be with. All
    they require is love and attention. Please do not hesitate
    to contact me as soon as possible. they wont last long.
    serious inquiries only please!!!!

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