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PARROTS FOR SALE: Blue and Gold 4 sale or trade

Posted by 46041 IN on 9/04/13

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    I have a Blue and Gold Macaw, she is 6 yrs. old, banded,
    friendly and tame. She steps up, very good talker, beautiful
    full feathered. Healthy with check ups regularly. My other
    macaw ( I had first ) does NOT like her, well he does not
    like ANY macaws, other birds ok just not macaws for some
    reason. She also likes to go for rides and walks, and LOVES
    to be outside. She has been spoiled. I am looking for a good
    home for her, I am willing to trade or do partial trades.
    Otherwise asking 650.00 for her. Please email with offers or
    questions! Thanks

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