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PARROTS FOR SALE: Blue & Gold - Camelot Macaws

Posted by Donnie in NY on 9/20/13

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    I have 2 Macaws which I can no longer give sufficient care
    due my work schedule. Their names are Allie and Skittles
    and they come with their extra-large California cage, a
    bird carrier for each, 25 lbs of food, and their toys. Both
    birds have bracelets and are 8 years old.

    Allie is a female. She is a typical loving Blue and Gold
    Macaw. She loves attention and very playful. She's
    notorious for going on your shoulder if you walk close
    enough by their cage. Her vocabulary includes: Hello,
    What's up, what's the matter, Meows like a cat, Laughs out
    loud, etc.

    Skittles, I believe is a male bird. He is a Camelot Macaw.
    (2nd generation hybrid cross between a Scarlet Macaw and a
    Catalina Macaw). He is very sweet. His vocabulary includes:
    "Hello", "Hi", "Shut up", and he mimics laughter.

    These amazing birds need someone with Macaw experience.
    Send an email to set appointment. You can have them with
    all their accessories for just $1895 (adoption fee). No
    Lowballers. No Shipping. No scammers. I must meet you in
    person. No exceptions.

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