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PARROTS FOR SALE: Breeding Mini Macaw pair--will sell or trade ?

Posted by N.W. Ohio-near Toledo,ohio on 9/25/13

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    Not proven for me "Yet"..laying eggs again now.
    Yellow collar mini macaw pair.Quiet pair.
    Both birds come with their dna sex papers.I did sex them:o))
    Male is just 9yrs old. He has picked his chest and some
    neck feathers
    ..he did this when they started breeding.
    Hen is 7 yrs old..She is in good feathers.
    She lays 3-4 eggs and sits very good.Laying very often..
    He does feed her very well and they are super bonded.Have
    seen them
    mating..I paid-$ or trade for a pair of
    eq.value..wanting eclectus.
    Must pick up here, no shipping.Just south of Toledo.

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