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PARROTS FOR SALE: Blue & Gold Macaw babies (4)

Posted by DAVID in Youngstown Ohio on 9/27/13

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    Blue and gold babies available...One weaned DNA fermale
    others on hand feedings.....
    Follow the link below I have provided for pricing...

    BIRDFARM SUPERSTORE OHIO 1 877 808 5472 Toll free

    2 Baby Blue Headed Pionus`s hand feeding as well...........
    2 baby Citrons hand feeding now on 3 feedings..............

    1 Mealy Amazon Big DNA female almost weaned very sweet~
    1 Gorgeous Red Lored Amazon ...Not DNA`d still handfeeding..

    BIRDFARM Superstore toll 1 877 808 5472

Blue & Golds for sale

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